The 80’s Pine Makeover

Ahhh pine..dear sweet 80’s lacquered pine.

I think because I was a child in the 1980’s I now have an aversion to any home decor from the 80’ Mother feels the same way about anything from the 60’s and 70’s so I guess it’s a genetic thing.

80s Pine Makeover

Despite my allergy to it’s often orangy lacquered finish, pine is good solid stuff.  So when a friend moved into her new home, she was somewhat conflicted by the giant pine kitchen dresser that she inherited.  Yes it was practical, yes it was just wasn’t very *her*.

Enter bessie mate armed with a paint brush, some sandpaper and this bad boy; Rust-Oleum’s Chalky Finish paint in Antique White.  Bye bye pine!

Rustoleum Antique WhiteHere’s the thing about me and paint, I love the instant gratification but I hate the prep.  Like, A LOT.  This stuff requires NO PREP, that’s right, none.  No sanding, no priming, nothing.  Just wipe down the piece to get rid of any grease or flaky bits, then paint. (I really want to add a BOOM! here but I’ll refrain).

Pine dresser makeover

So let’s get to it.  This is how our lovely project started life on Saturday morning.  A good sturdy solid pine dresser that just needed one weekend and a little TLC to bring it to life..this is how it went down.

Saturday Morning:  Washed the dresser with household spray and let it dry.

First coat Sat

Saturday Afternoon: Applied the first coat using a mini roller for the big bits and a brush for the fiddly bits, let dry overnight.  Opened wine to celebrate new house and general DIY smugness.

Sunday Morning: Applied second coat, let dry (about 4 hours).  Took two aspirin – see above.

Sunday Afternoon: When it was completely dry, I very lightly ran sandpaper over any raised bits and edges as well as into the grooves. It’s a bit like tweezing your have to keep standing back and checking so you don’t take it too far.

Sanding 80s pine

Sunday Afternoon: Sealed our new gorgeous French dresser with a loving coat of wax.  Don’t be tempted to skip this bit, it’s really easy; you just rub the wax on with soft cloth and ten minutes later wipe it off.  Trust me, it makes a huge difference to how a piece feels..even though you can’t see it in photos.

(I used the small attachment with the fluffy bristles on the hoover to suck up the sandpaper dust before waxing)Wax on wax off

And that’s it!  15 minutes later when the wax had set the dresser was completely finished.

I used two tins of Rust-Oleum Chalky Finish in Antique White (to match chairs my friend already had) about a third of a tin of the finishing wax,  so plenty left over for the next project, one small roller and one little paint brush.. oh and an old tea towel cut in half for the wax.

80s Pine Before & After

I think it turned out rather fabulous..Much like it’s new owner!
(apologies for the fuzzy pictures, my camera was getting into the 80’s spirit clearly!)

Drawers before & after 2

Happy painting kids and remember – ReUse, ReLove & ReCycle.
Jedda x

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