A renters guide to the gallery..

I love where I live, really & truly love it, but it’s a rental so every now & then I suffer a bout of frustration at not being able to do certain things…

Gallery Wall main

Case in point…hanging pictures the way want to.
(do not look directly at the magnolia walls..obviously not my choice & it’s on the ‘To Do List”)

gallery 1

In my place I’m lucky to have two very sturdy picture hooks drilled into a concrete wall (they supported a large IKEA print when I moved in).  I’ve played around with various big pictures but what I really wanted was a gallery wall…even a mini one, to house prints that I’ve loved & had for years.

The Interiors Magpie

So I started to think about how to make a gallery wall, using just two picture hooks..(these are the things that keep me awake at night..honestly).  Hellooooo fishing line……

The Interiors Magpie
Step one:  Attach fishing line to the back of the lighter prints that will form the bottom row

I started by adding a really long piece of clear fishing line (or cat gut as it’s grossly known) to the back of the lighter, smaller prints.  Then I looped a piece of fishing line between the two existing picture hooks..like an indoor washing line..but for pictures (see below)

The Interiors Magpie
Step two:  Tie a piece of fishing line, taught, between the 2 picture hooks to form a line.

Once that was done I hung the lighter prints low, wherever they looked kinda right. The trick here is go long on the fishing line..it’s much easier to shorten it by adding a knot once you start but it’s a faff if you realise the length is too short when you’re half way up the ladder.

The Interiors Magpie
Step three:  Hang the lighter/ lower  prints first. (excuse the smudgy marks on the wall, I was trying to remove a random pencil line)

Then I just started layering up the prints.  You have to keep adjusting the fishing line & standing back & looking at it each time to get the heights right which I found a little frustrating so wouldn’t suggest doing it with a hangover..

The Interiors Magpie
Step four:  Add the top row pictures. Repeat on the other side.

The final step was to hang the centre picture.  I looped a length of fishing line over the centre line from step two, attached it to the back of the canvas & suspended the canvas in the middle.  I picked her for the middle because she was the lightest of all 5 prints … & also she rocks & should always be in the centre.

Step five: Add the final picture to the middle by suspending from the fishing line that runs between the two hooks.

And that’s it! A mini gallery using just two hooks. Mission accomplished.
Fill in the blanks with a few cheeky removable decals & job done!

Gallery Wall main

Renters rejoice!

(A word of warning if you’re trying this at home:  My picture hooks were professionally put in & are designed to take heavy weights so do not attempt this unless you have similar heavy duty fittings or your pictures are incredibly light canvases.  No one needs chunks missing from the walls when renting!!!)

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