Basil Wars

Basil is one of those herbs that smells divine, looks fantastic, tastes delicious and makes us all feel a teeny bit like Jamie Oliver when it’s sitting on the kitchen windowsill.  But it’s a touch moody and frankly I find it very high maintenance.


Despite this I cannot resist the allure of those little pots when I’m in the supermarket.  The heady smell makes me forget the basil graveyard in my garden and every time I buy one I think “this is it, I’m keeping this one alive”,  if Jamie can do it why can’t I?

But I know why… I HATE the saucer thing that they tell you to do on the packet.  HATE IT! I hate looking at it, I hate that the water spills every time I move it, hate it!  So every time I buy a new basil plant I try to trick it and put it into a pretty pot or container instead.  Invariably it doesn’t work and another basil bites the dust.

But today my friends I am proud to say: I have FINALLY cracked it!!!

basil power

A few months back I bought one of those ‘bake in the oven brie’ things on special in Aldi and I kept the terracotta dish it came in because, well, that’s what magpies do… So I thought I would try it out as a saucer alternate for Basil #45 and guess what? it is PERFECT.

It holds just the right amount of water and because it’s not flat like a saucer, water doesn’t spill everywhere when I move it.  One small catch..terracotta isn’t really my thing..

The Interiors Magpie

But basil #45 and I had formed a bond, this is the longest I have ever kept a basil plant alive and I know it’s all down to that little there was only one solution for it…

Rustoleum to the rescue - The Interiors Magpie

Hellloooooo Spray Paint. I raided the magic Rustoleum box in the shed and five minutes later both pot and saucer had become gold and shiny.

The Interiors Magpie

The Interiors Magpie

The reason this dish works, where all my other attempts have failed, is that you can SEE when it’s out of water, and because basil is such a thirsty sucker, I find myself topping up the dish a few times a day (so needy).

The Interiors Mapgie

So there she is, day 15, still going strong and all because of a bit of fancy and free packaging.
I’m never going to be Jamie but by God there will be pesto.

ReUse and ReLove folks


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