Flea Market Chic

Tea CupsOnce upon a time if you longed for the gentle faded glory that we now refer to as “shabby chic”, you would have to spend your weekends combing through flea markets & car boot sales in the hope of finding hidden treasure.


Yet somehow that deserted, pigeon filled warehouse off the Naas Road selling old Dickie Rock cds & battered board games just doesn’t have that romantic feeling overseas flea markets featured in the travel & design magazines seem to have..


And even if you do find something, there’s all the added effort to clean it, sand it, paint it etc before it’s display worthy. What’s a boho lovin gal to do??  Enter Carolyn Donnelly for Dunnes Stores.


Her range has been around for a while now but every time I pop into Dunnes I find something new & utterly charming.


Her ‘Eclectic Range’ is a one stop shop for all things pretty &..well..eclectic & I have to say I have a bit of a soft spot for it… the full range can be found online: www.dunnesstores.com

(Added bonus: not a pigeon in sight..)

Prices correct as of March 2015

Prices flea market post Flea market 2

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