DIY Tea light holders. The Interiors Magpie

DIY Yogurt pot tea light holders..easy peasy

I hate throwing stuff out..especially things that feel like they could be other things..

Like those little glass yogurt pots that you get in the supermarkets now.  I have them all over my house, I use them for paper clips, thumb tacks, cotton buds, stamps..but with Christmas and Thanksgiving around the corner I thought I’d share another favourite use for them..


As tea light holders! It’s ridiculously easy I promise.

Step one: Buy and eat some yogurt..So far so good right?


Step two: Wash and dry your pots and grab some spray paint.  I love the “Universal” range by Rustoleum because it basically goes on everything and the trigger is really comfortable to use (for real…I don’t do discomfort).

yogurt tea lights

Step three: Tape off where you don’t want paint. I use Frog Tape for everything because it gives a clean line but masking tape will do too.

DIY tea light holders

Step four: Cover the ground and surrounding areas with an old sheet or towels and spray away according to the instructions on your paint of choice.

Tip: If you put the pots upside down onto a bottle, it makes it easy to spray all sides in one go because you just rotate the bottle.  Light easy stokes are all you need.

DIY Tea light holders

Step five:  Once they’re throughly dry (I like to leave them for a few days) remove the tape and admire your handy work.

DIY Tea light holders

You can either use them as they are, or add a little somethin’ somethin’.
(If your lines are a bit wonky, Washi tape is your friend because it covers any fuzzy paint lines)

DIY Tea light holders. The Interiors Magpie

As it’s suddenly winter, I thought I’d go for a ‘Rustic Lux’ vibe with tape and twine.

DIY Tea light holders. The Interiors Magpie

And that’s it!  Pop in some tea lights and you’re all set!

DIY Tea light holders. The Interiors Magpie

Told you it was easy peasy x


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