Freezer Freedom

Today’s *Tuesday Tip* seems more Monica than Magpie..BUT it’s one I live by and I encourage everyone to try it!

The nature of my day job means I keep erratic and frequently, very long hours, which in turn means I don’t always have time to do a big fresh food shop, sometimes for weeks on end.  Or I DO a big food shop and by the time I have the energy to make anything at home, everything has gone off.  This drives me mad.

Enter my trusty freezer. My freezer has 3 drawers and each one is packed tight with magically preserved ingredients.  So when I can’t face another grim ready meal or drive through there is at least the makings of a home cooked meal in my freezer.  But dear lord I hate the bags frozen food comes in!! How many peas have lost their lives to the kitchen floor because of a poorly designed bag??  So wasteful!

So this is my Tuesday Tip from Casa Magpie; get yourself some decent ziplock bags (I get mine in Lidl) and “decant” your frozen stuff the day after a big food shop (same day is too stressful).  This seems like a waste of time but I promise you it isn’t.  It means when you just need a scoop of something, peas, corn, cheese etc, you don’t end up spilling the rest of the bag all over the freezer/ floor.  It also means you can actually *see* what you have without stupid half empty bags taking up valuable freezer space and making you think there’s more in there than there actually is (don’t you hate that??).

PLUS you get far more into your freezer by using these bad boys.  Is it a bit geeky? sure.

Does it work? hell to the yeah.

Also Friends was a really great show and Monica rocks!!

J x


Note: Make sure you get the bags with the zip close.  Snap close sandwich bags will disappoint no end



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