Sofa So Good

Desperate to change your sofa but don’t have a spare couple of thousand lying around?
I’m about to show you how to get a Pinterest worthy sofa for under €500! Read on and rejoice!

IKEA replacement cover / Comfort Works / The Interiors Magpie

When I moved into my current rental a few years ago, I swapped out all the landlords furniture for my own, which included my beloved Karlstad two seater from IKEA.  Whilst it fit my previous rental perfectly, it was just a smidgen too small for my current abode, or rather my current abode could take something a smidgen bigger.
Plus she was a little tired.

My heart was desperately craving the squishy velvet sofa of my Pinterest dreams but my head (and over stretched credit card) was screaming that this is a rental and dropping thousands on a sofa that may not suit – or fit – my next residence is madness.

So I did what any self respecting up-cycler would do and I found myself a second hand sofa online for free!  That’s right *FOR FREE*  A quick search on led me to a perfectly good, albeit, slightly tired 3 seater version of my beloved Karlstad couch (Thanks Maria).
All I needed was a new IKEA replacement cover.

Then I discovered IKEA Ireland no longer stock my sofa nor do they stock the Karlstad replacement covers!

Enter: Comfort Works (AKA The Game Changer)

I found them online while searching for new covers (man I love the internet). They’re an Australian company that make bespoke IKEA replacement covers! You simply click the range you have and then you get a whole stack of options, everything from long skirt covers to footstool covers and everything in-between.

The next page brings you to fabric and colour options…and there it was, in all it’s Pinterest worthy glory: blue velvet for €309. My heart was racing!!!!
€309 for a 3 seater blue velvet couch!

You can order up to 8 colour swatches online and I highly recommend doing this bit.  I’m a sucker for contrasting piping (which they do!) and for a week or so I toyed with doing a white sofa with yellow trim but when the swatches arrived I was 100% sold on the velvet.  They also tell you on the back of each swatch the wear and care instructions so you can choose what works best for you.
(Also available on the very helpful website).

I loved my old couch but two things always bothered me. Firstly the arms take a serious beating on most couches and to wash them requires taking apart the entire sofa which is a bit of a faff.  Secondly the legs on my old sofa were those standard square block legs, fine but certainly not sexy.

So I decided to also order two arm protectors (which I love and make me think of my Aunty Pauline) and four new gorgeous midcentury style legs that are a little taller than my old ones.  Four weeks later my ‘makeover in a box’ was delivered to my door!
IKEA replacement cover / Comfort Works / The Interiors Magpie

IKEA has assembly instructions online that tell you how to fit new covers and legs but each separate piece of the Comfort Works cover has an adorable little tag stitched into it so it’s impossible to go wrong.  If you’re using an IKEA replacement cover like I did, make sure you have the little tools you used when you assembled your furniture the first time.  If you don’t have them you can get replacement ones from IKEA.
Do not attempt to take apart your sofa without them.  You will end up in white rage!! (I *may* be speaking from previous personal experience).

Then it’s just a matter of slipping the covers on, lining up the velcro and screwing on the legs.

IKEA replacement cover / Comfort Works / The Interiors Magpie

And that’s it. It look about 20 minutes to put the IKEA replacement cover on and fit the legs and hey presto!  My very own squishy Pinterest worthy sofa!

IKEA replacement cover / Comfort Works / The Interiors Magpie

I couldn’t love it more.
Well done Comfort Works, cracking job.

Jedda Downey / The Interiors Magpie

Jedda x


*A three seater Karlstad IKEA replacement cover in Rouge Indigo is €309.  I added four 170 mm wooden ‘Bailey’ legs and two arm protectors which came to €435.
Irish import tax was €58 on delivery, but postage is free worldwide.

*Disclosure: I contacted Comfort Works after I fell in love with their products and they kindly agreed to supply me with my lovely sofa cover to support this post.
All opinions are completely honest and my own. Natch.

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