Made to do good..Breathing life into Casa Magpie

Meet Lorelai my new leafy addition to Casa Magpie. Isn’t she pretty?!

She’s the first non-edible house plant I’ve bought for the studio since I moved in four years ago.  Which I realise is a disgrace because I know all the merits of having real plants in your home, my issue is I simply cannot keep the dang things alive!

Despite this shameful track record, I was compelled to buy her simply because she went so well with my gorgeous new hand woven basket from Uganda that I bought this week in TK Maxx

I think because we live in a world where everything is so mass produced, there is something incredibly grounding and strangely soothing about having a hand made item in your home.  Aside from being beautiful (and having that delicious woven grass smell) my new purchase also comes with a built in feel good factor.  Inside each piece you’ll find a little tag telling you the name of the person in Western Uganda who made it (love).  It doesn’t get much more connected than that.

TK Maxx has been working in Uganda since 2008 enabling more that 10,000 children in 12 communities to go to school. Since the sustainable trade project started in 2011, there has been a 40% increase in children finishing primary school education.  How’s that for the warm and fuzzies?!

So whether you’re looking for a new planter like Lorelai’s or a colourful new catch all, get yourself over to *TK Maxx this week for the release of these gorgeous products that not only do good but feel good. *Quantities will vary per store

For more information on the Uganda Community Project
click here TK Maxx Uganda Community Project


Jedda x

*Please note: This post is in kind collaboration with TK Maxx*

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