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Tip Tuesday – Return to sender

So I know not everyone *loves* the whole Eircode thing and honestly I can’t really see it taking off here and being used the way our UK cousins use their post codes… BUT I like them for a very particular and peculiar reason..

I have this funny thing about putting my home address on stuff..I don’t know just feels weird and invasive.  HOWEVER I also have a thing about post going astray and without a return address, how would it ever make it’s way home???

Enter the Eircode! Not as personal as writing your full home address on the back of an envelope but perfect for any postal mishap’s that may arise.  The only catch is.. remembering the damn thing!

So this is my Tuesday tip and I like it because it makes me feel a little bit like Martha Stewart.

You can order gorgeous bespoke stamps online but I made mine from a dinky kit I bought in Tiger (it’s a bit fiddly so if you have kids get them to do it for you, their little hands are perfect for the job). Instead of listing my full address, I just list the Eircode, you get the safety net without the intrusion!

Plus I kinda just like having an excuse to use a stamper 🙂

Enjoy x


Bonus tip:  If you do make your own you have to put the letters in backwards so don’t try this after a glass of wine or you’ll drive yourself mad.

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