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I love a good online shop…partially because I enjoy shopping in my pyjamas without judgement & partially because I love the thrill of the Postie delivering something other than the ESB bill on a damp Tuesday.


While hunting for washi tape stockists in Ireland,  I found the most joyous online party & event supply store, aptly named Party Parlour…Cut to 2 hours later..

PP Chevron

It’s not a site I would have found normally because I have an aversion to parties, (all that pressure) but there is so much pretty here that I started planning a baby shower for a friend who isn’t actually pregnant..(I know I know..)

They just seem to have EVERYTHING!  Mini milk bottles in mini crates, (hello champagne) glass jars for sweets, photo-booth props, chalkboard signs, bunting, popcorn tubs, super cute cake toppers, napkins…it’s endless.

PP Candy Bar

Added bonus:  The site is Irish so there’s none of the overseas customs nonsense to deal with. (nothing like buying something for $3 & it costing you twice that in euro for postage & taxes).


One of the things I love most about this site, is that you can search by colour or theme, making it effectively foolproof for anyone ‘stylistically challenged’ (or under time pressure).   Just pick a colour or theme & away you go.  The makings of a perfectly stylish, gorgeously coordinated party will arrive on your doorstep! TaaDaaa.  I love the internet.

Just trust me on the two hours.. x


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