Pretty Flamingo…

Tucked away in the seaside village of Sandymount in Dublin is a little pink gem of a shop.

Rice birds
Bird plates €10.95 each Mira Mira

Aptly named Mira Mira (Look/ See) in Spanish, it is a treasure trove of colourful  gorgeousness.

Fig shade €54.95 Mira Mira

It’s one of those shops that you could happily lose an hour in without even noticing because every inch is filled with charming & quirky little things.

Ceramic handles: White Rabbit  €19.75,  Daddy Bear €17.96, Pug €19.75  Mira Mira

It’s also one of those shops where you go in for a browse & spend half your time saying to your friend/partner/lover/dog “Ohhh do you know who would love this?”

Sewing project / Tea towel €7.48 each  Mira Mira

And you know what? They WOULD love it!  It’s a shop that sells joy & sunshine & who wouldn’t love that?! (they also sell kids stuff & fancy grown up candles)

Sonny Angels €8.95 Mira Mira

There are loads of nice things & lovely people pleasing presents in Mira Mira that are take home worthy but for me?….

Flamingo €34.95 Mira Mira

It’s all about the garden Flamingo…every time baby..every time.

*ps: scroll back up & look at the Daddy Bear ceramic handle again..that dude just makes me smile*

Prices correct as of May 2015

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