Søstrene Grene,

Søstrene Grene. Welcome to Ireland

A few years ago my good friend Leah and I headed off to Copenhagen for the weekend to ride around on bicycles, check out the hot Scandinavian men and do a little interiors shopping.

One of Leah’s favourite stores, which she knew I’d love, was Søstrene Grene.

Søstrene Grene, The Interiors Magpie
All images: Søstrene Grene

Much to my delight they recently came to Ireland and this March unveiled their much anticipated “Parisian decadence meets Scandinavian minimalism” range to lines of design hungry shoppers.

If you haven’t yet paid a visit I highly recommend it. Welcome to Ireland Søstrene Grene, we may not be able to pronounce your name but we sure do love your style!


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