Make ugly stuff pretty!

If-like me- you live in an “open plan apartment” (read Studio) chances are you have at least one ugly or bla looking large appliance on show; an old fridge, boiler or worse for wear washing machine.  Problem is, it’s in plain sight all the time..ALL THE TIME…whataya gonna do?

Fear not my fellow renters, the internet is here to save us from the ugly!  Here’s a few of my favourite ideas, all of which can be done & more importantly, undone, in the blink of an eye.

Honey & Fitz

This is my favourite.. It’s the handy work of & it’s literally just gold duck tape! GENIUS! (side note: mind blown that duck tape comes in GOLD!!!)

Gaffer Tape & Duck /Duct Tape are now available in a variety of colours so pick the one that goes with your style & go for it.  Check out Amazon for coloured options.
(Mini Tip: The trick to removing tape is to run a hot hairdryer over it to soften the adhesive, it lifts right off,  then get rid off any tacky residue with Wd40.  Job done)

The Shabby Creek Cottage

Polka dots just make stuff cute, it’s that simple.  painstakingly cut these dots out by hand using removable vinyl but I’m a little lazy & frankly just not that patient so I’d just buy them online.  There’s a nice selection on & they ship to Ireland.

A Beautiful Mess

So you know that roll of electrical tape in the back of the kitchen drawer that you have no memory of buying?  Yeah, this is what it’s for! used none other than good ole’ black electrical tape to revamp this washing machine & dryer.  They did spots & stripes but a criss cross or chevron pattern would be fab too.

Oh & it comes in different colours & virtually every hardware shop sells it.

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 19.16.08  Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 10.45.42

But if all that feels like too much effort, just pop into IKEA & pick up a few packets of “SPRUTT”, the new decoration sticker range.  It’s a mix of letters & quirky images & is available in black, pink & yellow.



 I can’t attest personally to how removable they are but I hazard a guess they would come off without much drama, especially off white goods.


Finally,  if you wanted to go for something more subtle,  I love these little birds (also from IKEA) which would be perfect on a fridge, boiler or washing machine..or put them on your kitchen presses’ & get a little atrium action going on.

Whatever you choose to do, be brave!
If it works great, if it doesn’t, just peel it off & try something else.  None of us love looking at ugly rental stuff so if you can’t hide it…make it stand out!!

I’m off to find some gold gaffer x

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